Botanical Sciences and The Georgia Outlook on Cannabis

26m | Jun 2, 2024

We interviewed Gary Long, CEO of Botanical Sciences. Gary shared his extensive background in healthcare and his transition into the cannabis industry. He noted the importance of legitimizing the cannabis industry, especially in Georgia where his company is based. Gary also detailed how they built a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and implemented contemporary technology to ensure the production of high-quality, pure, and effective medical cannabis products.

FDA Rescheduling of Cannabis and Implications: Gary discussed the recent FDA rescheduling of cannabis from Schedule 1 to Schedule 3 and its implications for the medical and research communities. We highlighted the potential benefits of this move in advancing evidence-based medicine and the shift in public opinion and engagement by the medical community. Gary agreed and predicted the move would lead to increased interest from organizations, entities, and a focus on the science behind cannabinoids in medical training. There are still significant restrictions in place that could hinder the level of research, expressing uncertainty about the future until the official change in the law.

Georgia Marijuana Rescheduling and Expansion Concerns: We discussed the implications of the recent rescheduling of marijuana in Georgia. Gary highlighted that this change will allow independent pharmacies in Georgia to legally dispense medical marijuana, as per the state's law, without the fear of DEA reprisals. He emphasized that this change will make it possible to distribute the product to a wider population of patients across the state. We also raised concerns about how this rescheduling could potentially expand the medical marijuana program in Georgia, given the current number of registered patients. Gary clarified that the rescheduling itself wouldn't change Georgia's position on delivery methods.

Georgia's Ban on Smokeable Products and Market Trends: Gary clarified that the sale of smokeable products, including vape and flour, was prohibited in Georgia, a stance that would only change through the legislative process. He mentioned a product called S. 2, an edible option, as a possible alternative. Gary predicted that the market for medical cannabis would expand in the next few years, possibly including smokeable and vapeable products, and even move towards adult use given Georgia's growing population and progressive trend.

Partnership With Georgia Pharmacies for Medical Cannabis: Gary alsodiscussed their partnership with Georgia's independent pharmacies for the dispensing of medical cannabis to patients. Gary highlighted the growing interest in the initiative, with over 150 pharmacy operators now engaged, and emphasized the importance of transparent dialogue with pharmacy operators.

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