Bossiee Budz with the Godmother of Cannabis Nicole N'Diaye

19m | May 27, 2024

Nicole N'Diaye, a Principal at Bossiee Budz and board member of the Cannabis Association of NY, shared her journey from a medical cannabis user to an entrepreneur in the industry.

She emphasized proper cultivation practices, discussed educational opportunities for industry entrants, promoted homegrown cannabis initiatives, and highlighted the need for strategic planning and business acumen. We also covered obtaining licenses, educational initiatives, homegrown cannabis programs, engagement strategies, strategic business approaches, and industry growth and success stories.

Nicole also highlighted the recent changes in regulation allowing home grow for those 21 and older in New York State, and her plans to acquire a research license to conduct specific research types in New York, with cannabis being listed as an agricultural crop opening up funding opportunities. She also filled us in on their affiliate program to assist people in getting started with home-growing, including educational resources and equipment.

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