Grön and Their Chocolate-Infused Cannabis-Focused Edibles

19m | May 27, 2024

Christine Smith, the founder and CEO of Grön, discussed the origins of the name and Christine's background in architecture and land use entitlement. Over the course of 10 years, Gron has grown steadily, providing chocolate-infused products that have found success in a niche of the edible market dominated by gummies.

They discussed their company's expansion strategy, which operates under a reverse licensing model. This approach allows the company to partner with local entities, gaining control over production and ensuring meticulous oversight at every stage. Christine explained that the company does not grow or produce oil, but instead focuses on making edible products, using a blend of distillate and live rosin, and adding minor cannabinoids to create specific effects. The company's expansion plan is deliberate and strategic, targeting three new markets annually. They currently have six markets in Canada and one in the US, with plans to open in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

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