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Morning Mindset with Paul G. Markel

A daily dose of practical wit and wisdom from Paul Markel: Professional Educator and Trainer, Amazon Best-Selling Author, United States Marine, Television and Radio Host. Each episode will focus on positive and productive ways to strengthen your mindset to help you improve your relationships, career goals, and overall well-being.


Do You Want the Problem or the Solution? [MM286]
Show Details11min 56s
Eddie Van Halen Didn’t Know ... [MM285]
Show Details18min 2s
The Monk and The Mountain [MM284]
Show Details14min 13s
10,000 Hours: How Long Will it Take You? [MM283]
Show Details16min 23s
Fishing Lessons [MM282]
Show Details19min 27s
The Short Sightedness of Pandering [MM281]
Show Details13min 39s
MM280 - Blessings; Watch for Them and Acknowledge Them [Best Of]
Show Details9min 30s
MM279 - Do What You Hate
Show Details9min 18s
MM278 - Reaching Your Goals
Show Details8min 47s
MM277 - Observe the World
Show Details9min 49s
MM276 - Finding Inspiration
Show Details10min 54s
MM275 - The Lesson of Seeds
Show Details9min 22s
MM274 - Growth without Discomfort?
Show Details8min 37s
MM273 - Finding Mentors
Show Details9min 32s
MM272 - Cognitive Dissonance
Show Details11min 41s
MM271 - Comparing Yourself to Pros
Show Details9min 21s
MM270 - Fear is Not a Virtue
Show Details9min 47s
MM269 - Pleasing Everyone
Show Details10min 10s
MM268 - Have Faith; The Office Story
Show Details12min 56s
MM267 - Yesterday vs. Today
Show Details8min 59s
MM266 - George Washington and Fort Necessity
Show Details12min 35s
MM265 - The Answer
Show Details8min 14s
MM264 - Lost Trail
Show Details8min 45s
MM263 - Memories are More Important than Ceremonies
Show Details11min 49s
MM262 - Make Deposits in you Emotional 401K
Show Details12min 21s
MM261 - Believe in Yourself, but How?
Show Details14min 4s
MM260 - Minimize Distractions
Show Details11min 9s
MM259 - The Epiphany
Show Details12min 27s
MM258 - Passion: The Mick Foley Story
Show Details12min 21s
MM257 - 10 Year Overnight Success
Show Details10min 10s
MM256 - Let your Eyes See Something New
Show Details10min 5s
MM255 - Get Out and Let Things Happen
Show Details8min 7s
MM254 - Good Things Don't Come Easy
Show Details12min 23s
MM253 - We Do What We Do, Because is it the Right Thing to Do
Show Details12min 10s
MM252 - Perception based on Ignorance is not Reality
Show Details11min 17s
MM251 - Room to Grow
Show Details10min 5s
MM250 - How You See Yourself
Show Details11min 11s
MM249 - 10,000 Hours w/ Guest Matt DiRito
Show Details14min 58s
MM248 - Success is the Greatest Revenge
Show Details10min 57s
MM247 - Me Too Mentality
Show Details11min 27s
MM246 - True Friends
Show Details9min 58s
MM245 - Unconscious Conditioning
Show Details11min 21s
MM244 - The Search for Inspiration
Show Details10min 5s
MM243 - Who is a Hero?
Show Details10min 54s
MM242 - Finding Balance
Show Details9min 42s
MM241 - The Power of Perspective
Show Details9min 40s
MM240 - Lesson of Seeds
Show Details13min 37s
MM239 - Stick to the Plan
Show Details13min 19s
MM238 - Our Time in the Sun
Show Details10min 24s
MM237 - Watch Your Step
Show Details10min 20s
MM236 - Prepared People Don't Panic
Show Details12min 9s
MM235 - Time Management
Show Details11min 42s
MM234 - Finding Inspiration: The Edge Story
Show Details15min 36s
MM233 - Shut Up and Let People Help
Show Details11min 13s
MM232 - Mental Maintenance
Show Details13min
MM231 - Avoiding the Victim Mentality
Show Details13min 18s
MM230 - Fighting Solves Everything
Show Details10min 52s
MM229 - [Best Of] Rebuilding Bridges- Repairing Strained or Fractured Relationships
Show Details12min 4s
MM228 - The Road to Hell
Show Details9min 28s
MM227 - Motivation or Maturity
Show Details9min 47s
MM226 - Accepting Thanks vs Asking for Handouts
Show Details10min 24s
MM225 - Beware the “C” Students
Show Details11min 31s
MM224 - Farm Dog or House Dog?
Show Details10min 34s
MM223 - Blessings; Watch for Them and Acknowledge Them
Show Details9min 30s
MM222 - Boots and Shoes; Amateur or Professional?
Show Details9min 56s
MM221 - Diet Soda and the Lies We Tell Ourselves
Show Details9min 37s
MM220 - Do You Really Know?
Show Details9min 2s
MM219 - Cowboy Up
Show Details9min 49s
MM218 - Are you a Victim?
Show Details11min 24s
MM217 - Take Time Off to Refresh
Show Details8min 56s
MM216 - Resolutions, Goals, and Challenges
Show Details11min 9s
MM215 - Best Xmas Present Ever?
Show Details9min 58s
MM214 - What Lifts you Up?
Show Details8min 51s
MM213 - The Staying Power of Kindness
Show Details12min 17s
MM212 - Appreciate Good Service
Show Details9min 3s
MM211 - Wear Out Your Shoes
Show Details8min 11s
MM210 - Reinventing the Wheel
Show Details8min 52s
MM209 - Searching for the One
Show Details11min 2s
MM208 - Your Body is Stronger than your Mind Gives You Credit
Show Details10min 15s
MM207 - Xmas Tree Hunt: Money vs. Time
Show Details8min 33s
MM206 - The Best Xmas Gift for your Family
Show Details9min 51s
MM205 - Be Professional, But How?
Show Details10min 21s
MM204 - Growth through Pain
Show Details5min 28s
MM203 - Christmas Memories Pt. 2
Show Details7min 42s
MM202 - Christmas Memories Pt. 1
Show Details9min 29s
MM201 - Understanding the X in Xmas
Show Details8min 21s
MM200 - Arrogant and Opinionated
Show Details10min 13s
MM199 - Identifying Quality
Show Details9min 44s
MM198 - Jack and Diane
Show Details11min 11s
MM197 - Time for New Paint
Show Details11min 42s
MM196 - The Importance of Thanks
Show Details9min 54s
MM195 - Repetition and Redundancy
Show Details10min 5s
MM194 - Active Mind and Strong Body
Show Details9min 17s
MM193 - Context, Yes it is Important
Show Details10min 31s
MM192 - A Life Well-Lived
Show Details10min 37s
MM191 - Defeating the Darkness
Show Details11min 13s
MM190 - Gift of Education
Show Details9min 43s
MM189 - Bohemian Rhapsody
Show Details10min 58s
MM188 - Wholesome Family Entertainment
Show Details9min 25s
MM187 - The “You Can’t” Crowd
Show Details10min 50s
MM186 - Reputations
Show Details11min 6s
MM185 - Have Some Fun
Show Details9min 26s
MM184 - Productive Meetings?
Show Details11min 29s
MM183 - Forced Blackout
Show Details10min 20s
MM182 - Get your Hands Dirty
Show Details9min 29s
MM181 - Wrestling with the Cynic
Show Details9min 24s