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Alicia & Draco are just two black millennials from the hood with a lot of learning AND teaching to do. OD Podcast (Open Discussion Podcast) is your destination for comedic unfiltered discussion. Each week, they discuss things that matter/don’t matter, preferences, disgust, experiences and who knows what else!? New episode each and every Wednesday, but it is never too late to revisit the classics. Atlanta Podcast.


148. Let Me Get Off My Soapbox
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147. Episode About Nothing
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146. So, I Went To Therapy...
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145. I Ain’t Sorry
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144. Bills, Bills, Bills
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143. Too Fast Too Soon
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142. Let Me Speak Up
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141. Heyyy
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140. It Doesn’t Make Sense
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139. Solo Travel > Group Travel
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Show Details1hr 13min
137. Pot Luck
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136. Balloon Knot
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135. Gotta Be In You Not On You
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134. Do You Have My Back?
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133. Generational Bathing
Show Details51min 15s
132. Fly Spirit & Become One
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131. Over/Under Sharing
Show Details42min 41s
130. Where's My Gift?
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129. Ain’t No Overnight Success
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128. Maybe Next Year
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127. Honesty Without Compassion is Brutality
Show Details56min 55s
126. Who Side You On?
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125. The League Does Not Exist
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124. Dating Is Hard, People are Weird
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123. Mary Had A Bonnet
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122. How Will You Be Paying?
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119. Cologne Gatekeeper
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118. Straight Outta Ben Hill
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117. D*mn, Double Homicide
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116. “Get a Milkshake”
Show Details59min 56s
115. I’m Out Here Cause of Katrina!
Show Details47min 30s
114. Take Care
Show Details49min 59s
113. Be Blackity Black
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112. Users & Abusers
Show Details47min 15s
111. Captain Save A H*e
Show Details45min 51s
110. Hygiene Drag Session
Show Details52min 4s
109. Crazy Tail Self
Show Details48min 30s
108. Where is Draco At!?
Show Details33min 28s
107. Sooooo...Who Paying The Bill??
Show Details44min 53s
106. Are You Doing The Work Tho??
Show Details56min 3s
105. Please Stop Asking Me For Money
Show Details50min 17s
104. Keep Your Hands To Yourself
Show Details1hr 11min
103. Ran It To The Ground!
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102. I Got You A Gift, But...
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100. $150,000 Makeup
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99. Do What You Love & Monetize Your Socials ft. @thefabulouss.t
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98. You In My Business??
Show Details59min
97. What da Freak?
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96. Be Yourself, Find Your Tribe & Get Paid ft. @UrbanGirlCorporateWorld
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95. *mutes BIRKIN*
Show Details50min 2s
94. Basement Braces, Breakfast and Side Teeth
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93. Gimme a Break Chile
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92. Bye Wig!
Show Details56min 33s
91. Pretty Privilege
Show Details53min 39s
Show Details46min 47s
89. The Car Would Not F*ckin’ Stop!
Show Details1hr 10min
88. Family
Show Details1hr 13min
87. Swiper Keep Swiping!
Show Details57min 55s
86. Protect Black Women
Show Details1hr 12min
85. At The Very Least
Show Details56min 34s
84. A Lie Don't Care Who Tell It!
Show Details54min 50s
83. More Than A Beauty ft. @bahjarodriguez
Show Details1hr 20min
82. No Plan = No Brand ft. @MakeupPaysMyBills
Show Details1hr 18min
81. Attack Culture
Show Details1hr 9min
80. Kiss & Tell
Show Details1hr 4min
79. In High School You Was The Man, Homie
Show Details57min 20s
78. Jabber
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Show Details1hr 20min
76. This Friend Ship Has Sailed
Show Details46min 59s
75. Read The Room #BLM
Show Details1hr 16min
74. Issa Time & A Place
Show Details59min 5s
73. Just Say You Don't Have Insurance!
Show Details54min 54s
72. Build-A-Man ft. @londonaffair_
Show Details1hr 1min
71. That's Law ft. @RitaEsq
Show Details54min 55s
70. Addictive Personalities, Ambiverts & Complexes
Show Details49min 27s
69. It Starts w/ Education ft. @ToriBaee
Show Details1hr 29min
68. I'm NOT Going to Jail
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67. Ion Like Det
Show Details46min 15s
66. Ca'Rone
Show Details48min 39s
65. Networking vs Degrees
Show Details39min 2s
64. Thee Entitlement!
Show Details1hr 10min
63. Love is Blind
Show Details43min 53s
62. Tinder, Love & Care
Show Details54min 20s
61. That's Why You're Single
Show Details55min 4s
60. It's THAT Season ft. @wfa_llc
Show Details59min 25s
59. Teaching w/ Seoul ft. @ElmoLaFlair
Show Details1hr 26min
58. Right Plan, Wrong Man Baby
Show Details54min 49s
57. Own Your Shit!
Show Details48min 52s
56. New Year, New Me FACEASS!
Show Details1hr 23min
55. No (Re) Cap
Show Details1hr 3min
54. Santa Is NOT Real
Show Details57min 8s
53. I'm Not Gay No More!
Show Details1hr 1min
52. Be Grateful
Show Details53min 39s
51. Chit Chat ft @ZayRiot
Show Details1hr 16min
50. True Friends & Freak Twitters ft. @Vintag3Den
Show Details1hr 12min
49. Massage A Knee
Show Details1hr 16min
48. Paranormal Activity
Show Details53min 57s
47. Germ Roaches
Show Details1hr 10min
46. Whoopins, Media & Motherhood ft. @KassyLately
Show Details1hr 13min
45. Rejection
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Show Details1hr 5min
43. Body Shamers
Show Details58min 30s
42. Do Titles REALLY Matter?
Show Details49min 32s
41. Upgrade Ya Life!
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40. Wazzam
Show Details39min 36s
39. Don't Hook Me Up w/ Your Friend!
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38. Nude Etiquette
Show Details1hr 11min
37. What's Your Price?? ft. @BlackSocialite
Show Details1hr 50min
36. Love Languages
Show Details29min 54s
35. Grown-ish
Show Details59min 44s
34. Generational Curses
Show Details51min 12s
33. Go Around Me!
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32. The Art of "NO"
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31. Pride 101
Show Details54min 9s
30. Never Have I Ever
Show Details58min
29. Sex
Show Details1hr 4min
28. Trap Cultural Appropriation
Show Details41min 10s
27. InsecuriTEA
Show Details48min 2s
26. Lashes & Weird Phobias ft. @KamayaDaPlug
Show Details1hr 14min
25. Grudge-iana
Show Details44min 59s
24. Supporting Your Own
Show Details1hr 1min
23. Stan Culture
Show Details59min 12s
22. Code Switching
Show Details42min 38s
21. Queen of Butt Shots ft. @KimberlySmedley
Show Details1hr 3min
20. REAL estate TALK ft. @AnthonyKendall
Show Details50min 35s
19. Live from The Level Up Expo
Show Details59min 46s
18. D.A.R.E.
Show Details46min 59s
17. I'm Tired of Smoking Weed
Show Details40min 18s
16. Everybody Can't Be The Boss
Show Details42min 52s
15. Crack Grapes & Valentines Day
Show Details43min 18s
14. Change Your Environment!
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13. The Warm Up (Re-Intro)
Show Details37min 57s
12. Don't Be Toxic ft. @TheWineDownPod
Show Details51min 50s
11. The Dating Struggle ft. @Bomb_Sh3ll
Show Details1hr 9min
9. Sexuality ft. @Drvco
Show Details1hr 10min
2. Not So Social Media ft. @Drvco
Show Details52min 7s