S2E20: DISGUST - Dolores Quintana on The Sadness (2022)

Season 2 | Episode 20
2h 26m | Jun 3, 2022

Content warning: discussions of mass shootings, (child)  murder, rape, cannibalism, COVID-19, long COVID, death, viruses, amnesia, misogyny, racism, police violence, sexual assault, and physical assault.

On this episode of The Beauty of Horror, Chandler talks with horror writer, journalist, and actor Dolores Quintana about the numerous disgusting horrors of THE SADNESS (2022)! 

They talk about how Dolores got started into social justice activism as a child, writing school essays about George Romero’s influence on horror, how a profound fear of something can end up drawing you into it, many different types of zombie apocalypses in film, and, of course, aesthetics.


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Interview with Rob Jabbaz for Fangoria

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