• Episode Three: God Hates the Gays

    Threeways, drunk gays, and priests who say it’s just a phase. In this bluntly sexual and deeply nonsensical comedy of errors, a young woman valiantly tries to pray the gay away by finding a new Saturday night bae.

    S1E3 - 43m - Aug 24, 2020
  • Episode Two: In the dark times will there also be singing?

    In the prologue to In the dark times, will there also be singing?, Martha, the rebellious daughter of a powerful capitalist, meets Thomas, a missionary from a fringe religious sect. This play slides from the naturalistic world into a fever dream as it asks us to contemplate the end of capitalism, the nature of love, and how to prepare for a visit from the Angel of Death.

    S1E2 - 29m - Jul 27, 2020
  • Episode One: You Don't Deserve to Die

    Two worlds: an east coast vegan co-op, and a small-town taxidermy shop, individually face their own personal end of the world. ‘You Don’t Deserve to Die’ grapples with the question: does humanity deserve to be saved from extinction?

    S1E1 - 30m - Jun 29, 2020
  • Project Promo

    Radioplays coming soon to headphones near you!

    S1E1 - 0m - Jun 28, 2020
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