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Two Confused Adults

Best friends and co-hosts Andrea and Caroline welcome you into their very confusing lives, as they navigate adulthood and everything that goes along with it.

Sometimes joined by guests, the girls will candidly discuss their life, relationships, responsabilities and what its like to be an adult... Even though they're not quite there yet.



Roadtrip To The West ft I’M A MOM NOW? - Ep. 17
Show Details31min 30s
January Recap & Tales of Two Hungry Adults - Ep. 16
Show Details25min 23s
Sashay Away The Bad Energy - Ep. 15
Show Details26min 27s
Show Details24min 26s
Let's Talk Cancel/Call-Out Culture With Lae Schmidt - Ep. 13
Show Details1hr 29min
Still Salty About It and More On Roommate Stories - Ep. 12
Show Details53min 39s
Let's Get Down To Business With Sydney Phillips - Ep. 11
Show Details1hr 11min
The Confusion Continues - Ep. 10
Show Details1hr 8min
First World Problems Be Like - Ep. 9
Show Details45min 44s
Let's Talk Content Creation W/ Amanda Wan - Ep.8
Show Details29min 32s
The One Very Very Late Episode - Ep. 7
Show Details28min 14s
That One Bad Week - Ep. 6
Show Details33min 40s
Spilling The Tea On Sorority Life, Frat Parties And Their Disgusting Bathrooms - Ep. 5
Show Details40min 34s
More on Breakdowns - Ep. 4
Show Details46min 53s
Let's Talk Feelings - Ep. 3
Show Details1hr 9min
Don't Leave Us Unsupervised - Ep. 2
Show Details34min 44s
Did We Just Start A Podcast? - Ep. 1
Show Details16min 53s