• Elizabeth Kelley: Humanizing Mentally Ill Defendants

    Join me as I talk to criminal defense lawyer Elizabeth Kelley, whose practice focuses on people with mental disabilities. She discusses how she firmly believes that individuals with mental disabilities should have rehabilitation instead of punishment. Parameters for people with mental illness are so restrictive that they set a very low standard for helping them get a fair trial. We also discuss the benefit of bringing in expert witnesses to explain the science behind different mental and physical challenges, thereby humanizing the defendant.

    34m | Jun 4, 2023
  • Rodney Stotts: Birds Became More Important Than Drugs

    You don't want to miss this episode with Master Falconer Rodney Stotts who shares how his love of animals and nature have helped him heal from a life of drugs, guns and crime. After spending time in jail, he describes the peace and tranquility he feels working with raptors, and how sitting silent in nature brings one to a place of healing. One of his many inspiring quotes,"You can only heal if you find what makes you feel better, and don't let anyone steal away your joy."

    38m | May 7, 2023
  • Heather Poole: We Should Not Be So Quick to Judge

    In a heartfelt conversation with Immigration Attorney Heather Poole, we discuss the need for a balance of more positive immigration stories of immigrants like the founder of Yahoo, Noble Peace Prize winners, scientists, and scholars that bring over 10 billion dollars to the U.S. economy. Heather also shares amazing stories of resilience and how getting a U.S. green card transforms lives.

    41m | Apr 30, 2023
  • Gail Shifman: Trump Indictment vs. Street Criminal

    Join me with "white collar" trial attorney Gail Shifman as she explains the differences and similarities of street criminals vs. white collar criminals and how the process unfolds in the legal system, especially when it is a former President of the US United States. In this unprecedented indictment, Gail discusses how the system can work in the favor of someone of such high profile yet how once arrested, the status of the convict is now exactly the same and he is referred to as a "criminal".

    34m | Apr 23, 2023
  • Fritzi Horstman: Compassion Prison Project

    In today's episode with Fritzi Horstman, founder of the Compassion Prison Project, we discuss the moral injuries that those of us involved in the legal system face, including making us lose empathy and compassion. She asks listeners to keep in mind that we are humans who have hurt each other, and we must see through fear and anger to find compassion. She asks us to look at the fact that most prisoners only know violence as a solution in their lives, and that 90% of those incarcerated have incurred some type of childhood violence or trauma.

    45m | Apr 16, 2023
  • Jason Van Tatenhove: Testifying Against The Oath Keepers: The Right Thing To Do

    In part 2 of my continued conversation with Jason Van Tatenhove, he describes, in vivid detail, how visiting the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC gave him the strength and courage to testify against the Oath Keepers. He describes his relief for having a law firm who believed in him enough to accept him as part of their pro-bono program since he had no resources to defend himself. He also gives a step-by-step account of what it was like be an average person one day, then surrounded by armed guards and 100s of photographers within 24 hours. He got through it by staying focused on how he could make something better for his daughters in the world they are going to inherit.

    38m | Apr 2, 2023
  • Jason Van Tatenhove: Why did a former Oath Keeper testify before Congress?

    Welcome to part one of a two-part series, an explosive story about realizing you are in the wrong place at the right time. My guest, Jason Van Tatenhove, talks with me about working for the Oath Keepers and the moment he realized he was "drinking the Kool Aid". Sharing how he reinvented himself after leaving the organization, he went on to teach his kids that it’s ok to "mess up, but then work on making it right." He then leads us into what it was like to testify in front of the Jan 6th Congressional Committee.

    24m | Mar 26, 2023
  • John O'Malley: The Intersection of Mental Health and the Law

    Litigator for 30+ years and now retired, John O'Malley speaks on behalf of NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness. He talks about trying to lift the stigma of discussing mental illness openly. John is proud of the programs NAMI offers, one of which is working to train law enforcement on identifying the signs of someone with mental illness. Juliet and John also discuss how gaining life experience helps one become better at witness prep and the importance of having empathy for those who need to take the stand.

    45m | Mar 19, 2023
  • Scarlett Lewis: Choose Love

    Welcome to episode #2 of the Trauma, Trial and Transformation podcast during which host Juliet Huck speaks with Scarlett Lewis the mother Jesse Lewis, one of the children killed during the Sandy Hook School shooting. Scarlett was the first of a group of parents who sued conspiracy podcast theorist Alex Jones who publicly claimed that Sandy Hook was a hoax. In this episode you will hear Juliet talk to Scarlett talk about her much publicized courtroom confrontation with Jones during the trial which eventually resulted in the jury awarding mulitple families nearly a half billion dollars.

    45m | Mar 12, 2023
  • Scarlett Lewis: Courage from My Son

    Please join me in an extremely powerful and moving conversation with the mother of Sandy Hook murdered victim Jessie Lewis. Scarlett Lewis is the Chief Movement Officer of the Jessie Lewis Choose Love Movement. In part one we discuss her book and how she gained strength over the years dealing with her grief - which then leads us into our conversation of having the courage to sue Alex Jones, conspiracy theorist.

    38m | Mar 5, 2023
  • Maurice DeDeaux: For The Love of My Daughter

    Today’s guest, Maurice DeDeaux, discusses the steps he took on what he labeled “YouTube University” to learn the legal system so he could represent himself in fighting for custody of his daughter. He talks about learning patience and getting past the frustration that is part of the judicial system. But he would not have it any other way as he continues his quest for custody.

    30m | Feb 27, 2023
  • Juliet Huck: Lights, Camera Action

    Join me for a short commentary on how cameras in the courtroom are a double edge sword for witnesses, especially when they’re faced with reliving trauma in their lives. In those cases, cameras are the difference between the real time testimony and the media's interpretation of court's proceedings.

    15m | Feb 17, 2023
  • Victoria Rusk: Feelings Before Facts

    Today’s guest is Mitigation Specialist Victoria Rusk. In a delicate conversation, she talks about putting her own agenda and judgement aside to help the accused. It requires that she humanizes her clients who are on trial for the death penalty, life in prison or long-term sentences. The author of The Handbook of Mitigation and founder of Mitigation University, Victoria tells an amazing story of a mother whose son was on trial for the death penalty and how testifying was such a blessing because for the first time she felt heard. It helped this woman heal some deep-rooted pain.

    40m | Feb 10, 2023
  • Pastor Kyle Joachim: Cultivating Connectivity

    Join an inspirational conversation with Pastor Kyle Joachim about why putting his own agenda aside, and just being "present" in one's time of need, is so important. Juliet and Kyle talk about holding on to faith in your darkest hours when one feels overwhelmed by the legal system and why cultivating a relationship with God or one’s higher power makes it easier to ask for help when all seems lost.

    38m | Feb 3, 2023
  • Dr. Stephanie Maj: Heal the Nervous System, Heal the Trauma

    In a fascinating and educational conversation, Dr. Stephanie Maj walks us through the scientific steps of how trauma physically affects the body. Not only does it impact functions like long term memory and emotional muscle memory, it also weakens the frontal lobe of the brain which compromises complex thought, therefore possibly compromising a witnesses’ memory when taking the stand. Dr. Maj also shares how trauma irritates the nervous system and how healing the nervous system helps heal the trauma.

    40m | Jan 27, 2023
  • Rosemary Wilson: Court of Public Opinion

    Kicking of 2023, Juliet talks with Crisis Communications Expert Rosemary Wilson about her roll in consulting with corporations and individuals when crisis strikes, and/or reputations are on the line. She talks about how issues can be minimized when addressing a problem quickly instead of hoping it will dissolve. She has great insight on how to minimize the damaging effect on one's reputation and stop the ripple effect in its tracks.

    38m | Jan 20, 2023
  • Karen Egoff: Let's Honor Ourselves

    As a wrap for 2022, Juliet takes a different approach from recent podcasts. She interviews Karen Egoff of My Soul Balance on the topic of honoring ourselves. Karen gives us some insight on the power of Reiki and walks us through a chair yoga exercise so we can take a few minutes for self care. Juliet also provides some food for thought for ending 2022.

    29m | Dec 23, 2022
  • Kristin Shelton: An Oddly Fun Chess Game

    Join the conversation between Juliet and Kristin Shelton on her experience of becoming a forensic accounting expert witness. Kristin talks about how the psychological warfare of the cross examination is an oddly fun chess game. She describes her first time testifying as an expert witness and how the Grateful Dead's music got her through the experience. That was when she realized how music is a large part of her selfcare during the stressful process.

    35m | Dec 16, 2022
  • Judy AmicAngelo: You Have To Fight To Be Well

    This week, Juliet talks with Judy AmicAngleo, interior architect, commercial interior designer and colorist. She suffered a freak accident when her neighbor's unleashed dog charged her and her (leashed) dog. In the resulting fight, her finger was servered. She talks about filing a lawsuit and how she was accused of not telling the truth despite her bandaged hand. She also shares how color not only heals but can also intimidate. Her latest achievement is learning hip-hop dance with the 20-somethings and how it is helping her heal.

    36m | Dec 9, 2022
  • Robyn Ginney: Divorce Without Fear

    High-conflict divorce attorney Robyn Ginney, Esq., is a strong, experienced attorney who shields her clients from their spouses, recognizes the games being played, and protects what matters most – her client’s wellbeing. She’s a strong advocate for her clients in what she describes as "divorce terrorism". Her background in psychology, crisis counseling, and special education gives her a unique perspective and insight into her client’s fears and the games that others play to prolong or complicate a divorce. While the divorce process can be traumatic, she shares steps one can take to make the process less painful.

    39m | Dec 2, 2022
Trauma, Trial, Transformation