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Sparking influential and necessary conversations on anything and everything we see going on in our world today, sprinkled with a little bit of our faith (Christianity).

We appreciate different perspectives and experiences, as well as showcasing talent in young individuals in different fields.

Brought to you by hosts Josh (JT) and Destiny (Dez), we hope you enjoy, engage and take value guys.

Love and stay blessed.


End of The Year Episode
Show Details34min 54s
Football Takeovers, Injuries and Big Money Contracts | Visions Talk Sports
Show Details42min 6s
Joe Fuggle: Following Your "Why", Investing In Relationships & Allowing Struggles to Shape You
Show Details1hr 12min
Rech Miller: Call Room 'Mind Games', Seeking Guidance & Training under Glen Mills | G2K S2E1 (Pt. 2)
Show Details29min 20s
Rech Miller: What Is The Standard for Greatness? | G2K S2E1
Show Details35min 44s
Why part ways before university? || 'Modern Day' Relationships
Show Details23min 4s
Nathanael Ogbeta: Balling By Grace - Get2Know Episode 8
Show Details32min 23s
Money & Fulfilment | QOTD #1
Show Details28min 34s
Overrated or Underrated? | Ep. 1
Show Details27min 18s
'Once you get that clout, you better manage it well' | Tik Tok Fame, Brand Collabs + More
Show Details18min 13s
'Be More Present!' | Self-Reflection & Awareness
Show Details18min 40s
'Let's be doers!!' | Who Are We Really Looking Up To?
Show Details13min 34s
'Clubhouse Over Instagram' | Socials, Mental Health + more
Show Details24min 58s
Will It Be The Same Old???? | 2020 to 2021
Show Details31min 55s
Kristian Imroth: Injury Makes The Comeback Sweeter | Get2Know Episode 7
Show Details18min 31s
Naomi Ogbeta: Presenting, Winning Championships & Inspiring Younger People | Get2Know Ep. 6
Show Details29min 24s
'IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THOUGHT' | Misconception of Christianity | #TalkingChrist
Show Details26min 19s
CLOUT CHASERS EVERYWHERE! | Drip, Drown & The Social Media Generation | Ep. 1
Show Details28min 1s
Aidan Syers: Patience, Progress & Opportunities in Athletics - #Get2Know Ep 5
Show Details42min 35s
Desirèe Henry: Dreams Coming To Fruition | Get2Know - Ep 4
Show Details57min 55s
Results Day 2020 | Our Thoughts
Show Details22min 16s
Hasan Ali: Dealing With Loss | Get2Know - Ep 3
Show Details23min 49s
Daniel Roberts: Journey Of A Pro | Get2Know - Ep 2
Show Details34min 25s
Handling Things Differently | Let’s Talk Racism Pt. 2
Show Details21min 20s
Empower One Another | Let’s Talk Racism Pt. 1
Show Details23min 55s
‘Learn to Cheer Yourself On’ | Addressing Adversity
Show Details23min 3s
‘Elevation Requires Separation’ | Real Relations #1
Show Details39min 34s
Destiny Ogali: Mindset in Motion | Get2Know - Ep 1
Show Details30min 21s
‘Likes Literally Mean Nothing’ | Gifts, Talents & Content Creation #1
Show Details32min
Tough Times Never Last
Show Details19min 47s
‘Don’t Drown Yourself’ | Relationships & Fellowships ft. David & Rory
Show Details23min 48s
Find Your Balance
Show Details20min 38s