S2 Ep28 - Positive Pop Culture (With Tim Beiseigal)

50m | Oct 21, 2021

In today's episode the incredible Tim Beiseigal, joins your host Kara Fernstrom to discuss the hidden benefits of pop culture consumption and communities. Tim is the host of multiple pop culture centred podcasts, as well as an incredible podcast that focuses on mental wellness following struggle. In this thought provoking conversation, they discuss how pop culture can help people relate to the world and each other. 

If you liked this episode, you should check out Tim's other work! You can find him all over the place, but most specifically:

Twitter: (Focused on Forward) @podcastfof , (Pop Culture Addicts) @Pcapodshow , (Funny Science Fiction) @FunnySciFi

Insta: (Focused on Forward) @focusedonforward , (Pop Culture Addicts) @Pcapodshow

Spotify: Focused on Forward , Pop Culture Addicts, Funny Science Fiction

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Warning: This Podcast contains explicit language (probably), and casual conversation about what very well might be triggering topics (also probably). Listener Discretion is advised. 

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