S2 Ep30 - Addiction and Fiction (With Shawn Moreau)

Episode 95
33m | Nov 4, 2021

Fictional horror podcaster Shawn Moreau joins your host, Kara Fernstrom, for a discussion about addiction. Shawn generously shares his own story with addiction, including an insanely wholesome anecdote about Stan Lee, before both dive into some of their more nuanced thoughts on the complicated subject of addiction - and leaving it behind.

While both Kara and Shawn have experiences with managing addiction, what we share in this episode are opinions and experiential. If you or a loved one are dealing with addiction, please seek structured resources that can help in your area. 

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This episode was brought to you by Kara's lackluster editing skills (but tbh I think it sounds pretty good).

Warning: This Podcast contains explicit language (probably), and casual conversation about what very well might be triggering topics (also probably). Listener Discretion is advised. 

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