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Deep Shadows

Joelle Franklin, a senior social worker in Chicago, is fearless, intelligent and totally committed to her job but a mess when it comes to romance. She gets drawn into the investigation surrounding the death in suspicious circumstances of a former client, running headlong into systemic racism, classism and corruption in Cook County. At the same time she’s trying to balance life with Irish émigré girlfriend Siobhan and conflict with both her superiors and her younger brother Michael, a Cook County Sheriff.

Written by Aaron Mays and Colette Cullen

Directed by Christina Casano

With the Voices of: Dee Dee Batteast, Justice Hall, Nevada Montgomery, Lesleyann Reilly, Jordan Arredondo, Caitlin Jackson, Luis Bermudez, Andrew Pond, Lisa Savegnago, and Julian Serna.


Deep Shadows Ep 6
Show Details23min 9s
Deep Shadows Ep 5
Show Details32min 5s
Deep Shadows Ep4
Show Details19min 17s
Deep Shadows Ep3
Show Details42min 35s
Deep Shadows Ep2
Show Details25min 21s
Deep Shadows Ep1
Show Details31min 17s
The Director Gets Deep
Show Details15min 52s
The Writers Speak!
Show Details28min 36s