#8 Federico Biancullo - About mental health and hygiene in archviz 1/3

38m | Aug 8, 2022

This is the first part of CG Talks' (the podcast where CG Guys talk about computer graphics) conversation with Federico Biancullo - Archviz artist, founder, and creative director of The Big Picture - an archviz studio based in Bologna Italy. Federico is also a blogger and a podcaster - host of the “There’s something about archviz” podcast.

We kick off the conversation with an ever-up-to-date but even more relevant now (in the post-pandemic time) topic of mental health in the archviz industry. Federico has been advocating for that on his podcast and finds this a quite important issue especially due to the type of people that work in those kinds of jobs. We discuss some of our experiences regarding remote work and the lockdowns. In the course of the conversation, we even digress into the looming threat (or opportunity) of artificial intelligence taking over the jobs of artists. 

You’ll definitely find some healthy tips inside this part of CG Talks that we hope will lift your spirit.

Stay tuned for the next parts of this episode with Federico, where we will talk about selling points in archviz and dealing with multiple challenges as a 3d generalist.

Listen and enjoy!

And as always : ‘Happy rendering’ from GarageFarm.NET / CG Talks team

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