#8 Federico Biancullo - Jack of all trades master of The Big Picture 3/3

26m | Aug 16, 2022

Hello and welcome to CG Talks (the podcast where CG Guys talk about computer graphics)

This is the third and last part of the interview with Federico Biancullo - Archviz artist, founder and creative director of The Big Picture - an archviz studio based in Bologna Italy. Federico is also a blogger and a podcaster - host of the “There’s something about archviz” podcast.

There’s a popular saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” - Federico defies that statement with his widespread interests and various experiences. Being specialized in a narrow field can give you unique expertise and advantage over the so-called ‘generalist’ however staying open to learning new things and having multiple skills under your belt can be very beneficial as well. In fact, Federico’s impression of the archviz industry is that most of the smaller to medium-sized companies are very interested in having 3d generalists instead of specialized one-taskers. That may not be the case for big companies and studio powerhouses which tend to have stricter pipelines and compartmentalized structures. The flexibility of generalists is very valuable in a changing, dynamic reality of a small archviz studio. We also talk about using skills from outside of professional life which may prove priceless in the most unexpected moments.

The archviz business is changing. New technologies and opportunities arise and we need to be really agile to adapt. We hope that the open-minded and flexible approach of Federico will give you some inspiration to experiment and forge your own unique path in the ever changing world of computer graphics.

Listen and enjoy !

And as always : ‘Happy rendering’ from GarageFarm.NET / CG Talks team

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