#5 Lucas Bazyluk - Enter the CGI dragon or how I got involved in cloud rendering 2/3

Season 4 | Episode 5
18m | May 20, 2022

This time, DJ talked with Lucas Bazyluk - Director of Operations at GarageFarm.NET. What does translation have to do with render farms and 3d CGI? It might not be obvious at first glance however you never know what skills might get you where in your professional career. This was the case for Lucas, who was approaching the new opportunity with an open and curious mind.

Now after working in the 3d industry for over 9 years he shares with us his insights from the perspective of an outsider who has now become an insider. Where is the CGI industry heading? Are offline renderers doomed to extinction? We hope you can get some new thoughts on these and other related topics from listening to this podcast episode.

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