#4 Fabio Palvelli - Digital art's future or the biggest scam of the century? 1/2

Season 4 | Episode 4
40m | Apr 28, 2022

DJ is proud and happy to interview Fabio Palvelli - a 3D artist, business consultant, and YouTuber, Founder of the famous D2 Conference (first for archviz and now for all digital artists). Fabio is also known for his positive attitude (especially towards dogs, pizza, and Nutella but life in general too) and he became one of the early adopters in the emerging NFT digital art scene.

The NFT stands for Non Fungible Tokens and it undoubtedly was the most controversial three letters of the last year. We dive with Fabio into the pros and cons of the whole NFT hype. He openly talks about his own experience of being skeptical at first, then enthusiastically jumps into the gold rush to finally land a positive but balanced point of view. In a friendly mood DJ and Fabio try to dismantle strange acronyms like GM or WAGMI. Fabio also talks about making money in the NFT space (or losing it) and how capricious it actually is.

Are NFT-s the future of digital art or is it nothing more than a scam? Will there be more and more Beeple-s or is that just a seasonal trend that will pass like a summer storm?

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