#9 Grant Osborne - The 4th dimension of design 1/2

30m | Oct 5, 2022

This episode of CG Talks (The podcast where CG guys talk about CG) is the first part of a conversation with Grant Osborne - Melbourne (Australia) based 3d generalist, motion designer. DJ and Grant talk about getting into 3D and Grant’s experiences with design softwares including After Effects, Cinema 4D and Houdini. Grant shares his passion and struggles with hard parts of design and learning it. We also venture a bit into the world of sound design and how it supplements the visuals. Listen to the episode and get inspired to find your inner spark (or mojo). Stay tuned for the second part of the interview in which we talk about personal 3d projects and on-line challenges (and especially the latest Pwnisher’s challenge - Moving Meditations) as an opportunity to grow.

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