#5 Lucas Bazyluk - A runner's quick guide to better management 3/3

Season 4 | Episode 5
26m | May 23, 2022

This time, DJ talked with Lucas Bazyluk - Director of Operations at GarageFarm.NET. In this convo, we went a bit outside professional life and the CGI Industry to talk about running (and it is not running scripts or animating run-cycles). Lucas has been a runner for quite a few years and he was able to achieve his dream goal of successfully running a marathon! It might have taken him a bit longer than he expected but the lessons he learned through it were sure worth the additional effort!

Though running may seem irrelevant to the daily life of a 3d artist (or at least some of them), there is more you can learn from Lucas' passion than you might think. It comes down to setting goals and meeting them in time. Lucas shares his observations on how we usually overestimate our abilities in the short term while we tend to underestimate them in the long run. Little daily habits and routines when practiced regularly until they come to us as naturally as breathing can not only make our lives easier and more orderly but also become a foundation for long-term success and efficiency.

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