#5 Lucas Bazyluk - An unexpected journey to the world of web design 1/3

Season 4 | Episode 5
21m | May 18, 2022

This time, DJ talked with Lucas Bazyluk - Director of Operations at GarageFarm.NET about his unexpected journey into the world of web design. It is an inspiring story of how a practical need paired with curiosity and problem solving enabled Lucas to successfully contribute to GF’s success.

Lucas wouldn’t have imagined himself designing websites before he joined GarageFarm around 2013. He was involved in a totally different market segment and focused more on managerial tasks. In fact, he got employed as a translator at first because of his excellent knowledge of Korean, Polish, and English (a rather niche combination). The adventure with designing websites and apps began soon after that as Lucas spotted the need to improve the existing rather raw solutions that were used in those early days of the company. Quite soon these small improvements of UI (simple graphic and icon layouts) have sucked Lucas into design thinking. He shares with us what (and how) he learned along the way. Is this unexpected career twist going to lead Lucas to redesign Starcraft’s UI (Lucas’ favorite RTS game)? We shall learn that in time. As for now, enjoy listening to this inspiring story of digging into the design from scratch.

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