#10 Kay John Yim - Effective CG artist's toolbox 2/2

31m | Dec 8, 2022

This episode of CG Talks (the podcast where CG guys talk about Computer Graphics) is the second part of our conversation with Kay John Yim - a London based architect who also creates inspiring personal CGI fantasy artworks.

Kay John’s main tool of choice is Cinema 4d but he has used a lot of 3d tools throughout his career (including Houdini,Rhino,IClone and many more). We talk about the softwares and workflows he uses to create the stunning and very detailed architecture environments in his artworks as well as tools he uses to create his characters. We touch the topic of AI tools that cause so much hope and controversy in the digital art community. John creates a lot of animated artworks so we talk about using render farm services (such as our service) and his experiences with it.

You can find some of John's work here:

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