The flashback can be perfection or it can bludgeon - The CW Spiral 3x10

Season 3 | Episode 10
38m | Dec 11, 2023

This week Sabrina Reed, Michael Patterson, and Reed Gaudens have their eyes turn toward the future of The CW and a storytelling device that's all about the past aka the flashback.

Wild Cards, the new Vanessa Morgan-led comedic procedural coming to the network, is on their watch list and the trio have seen the trailer so, of course, they're reacting to it! Also, with new content still being a month away, they're doing another discussion pod. This time it's about flashbacks, a tool in a writer's holster that can do wondrous things for a plot or bring it all the way down.


0:20 - More Wild Cards news and reacting to the trailer

10:18 - Flashbacks, let's be choosy about when we use them, writers

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