The View from my Soapbox

In times when anyone on the Internet can have a soapbox, I use mine to share my thoughts in the hope that with compassion, empowerment, and a healthy dose of tough love, you will be inspired to become the person you should've been all along. Welcome to my hub of thoughts and ideas. Not for the faint of feeling.


Celebrate the small victories!
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Honour the space in-between
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Why do we love reality TV?
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Keep it simple, stupid
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Be where your feet are
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Feeling stuck? (getting all gross & vulnerable, not sorry bout it)
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The five-minute freakout (emotional regulation in times of stress)
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La vita è bella?
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The yin and yang fears of judgement & insignificance
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The joys of being a beginner
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Inspiration is everywhere
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4 reminders for exam season
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How to "work on yourself," part 2
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Perfectionism: how to "work on yourself," part 1
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Thought experiment Thursday #1: eternal recurrence, evil demons, & falling in love
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What I learned from the crash
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In defence of comfort
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The point of the Canadian criminal justice system in 12 minutes
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Shut up about how busy you are
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The absurd cyclicality of life
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What "healthy" means to me now
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To all the dreams I never made
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From comparison to compassion
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A more formal welcome to my soapbox
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Intro: Existentialism for you, and you, and you
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