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We Run The Stars

We Run The Stars is a Starfinder TTRPG Actual Play streamed live every Thursday at 9 PM ET at Twitch.tv/JBrews! Join host JBrews and cast for an exciting journey across the Pact Worlds and beyond! Starfinder is a science fantasy tabletop role-playing game full of planetary exploration, astro-technology, and magic made by Paizo, the creators of Pathfinder. Explore the stars and discover new alien worlds as we navigate through space in this TTRPG series!

Meet the cast! Thrawn, the Human Envoy and Captain with the silver-tongue; Sonni, the Raxillite Solarian and Gunner who knows more than anyone that size doesn't matter; Auto, the Brenneri Mechanic and Engineer that likes to talk with an otter-tude...; Denver, the Tiefling Operative and Pilot known for their southern in-hospitality on the racetrack; Khali, the Pahtra Soldier and Gunner who always lands on her feet; Xurat, the Shirren Mystic and Magic Officer, and a man of few words but many thoughts; Ferix, the Human Technomancer and Science Officer with a knack for the clickety-clack; and last but not least, Domino, the Vesk Vanguard and Chief Mate with an intimidating gaze you'll not want to find yourself in.


S1E34: An Oozy Situation
Show Details2hr 38min
S1E33: The Silence
Show Details2hr 39min
S1E32: Looking in the Mirror
Show Details2hr 27min
S1E31: A Crackin' Time
Show Details2hr 32min
S1E30: An Awakening
Show Details2hr 41min
S1E29: A Rocky New Beginning
Show Details2hr 46min
S1E28: A Plan in Action
Show Details2hr 25min
Level-Up Interview 3: Khali and Auto
Show Details38min 55s
S1E27: Aftermath
Show Details2hr 40min
S1E26: A Heavy Cost
Show Details2hr 46min
S1E25: It Begins
Show Details2hr 26min
S1E24: Reunited
Show Details2hr 29min
S1E23: The Final Steps!
Show Details3hr 7min
S1E22: Vancer's Second Chancers
Show Details2hr 45min
S1E21: The Hooglesmorf!
Show Details2hr 34min
S1E20: The Descent
Show Details2hr 36min
Level-Up Interview 2: Xurat and Freedom-11
Show Details46min 19s
S1E19: The Long Drive
Show Details2hr 39min
S1E18: The Cold Demise
Show Details2hr 30min
S1E17: Stack of Packs
Show Details2hr 50min
S1E16: Radiation Nation
Show Details2hr 55min
S1E15: The Swarm!
Show Details2hr 49min
S1E14: Through the Drift!
Show Details2hr 59min
S1E13: To the Vast!
Show Details3hr 6min
S1E12: The Domino Effect
Show Details3hr 24min
Level-Up Interview 1: Denver and Domino
Show Details1hr 11min
S1E11: The Ruins, Part 3
Show Details2hr 25min
S1E10: The Ruins, Part 2
Show Details2hr 48min
S1E9: The Ruins, Part 1
Show Details2hr 39min
S1E8: Deliverance
Show Details2hr 58min
S1E7: Beginning, Climax, End.
Show Details2hr 47min
S1E6: For The Devourer!
Show Details2hr 56min
S1E5: A Wild Ride
Show Details2hr 55min
S1E4: A Shocking Experience
Show Details2hr 59min
S1E3: A New Face Approaches
Show Details2hr 51min
S1E2: Streets of Qabarat
Show Details3hr 4min
S1E1: Our First Trip
Show Details3hr 1min