10 minute Flower Power Meditative Poetry for Adults with Theta Waves 144 HZ

Season 3 | Episode 1
9m | Apr 14, 2022

Be a flower and invite your inner child to come out and play in this calming relaxing Flower Power meditative poetry and meditation (Theta Waves 144 hz) for adults.

Relax and let go as a flower floating down a gentle stream. This meditative poetry is perfect for chill time, bed time, nap time or anytime to bring you back to calm when you are experiencing anxious thoughts.

Being a flower is a great opportunity to nurture the inner child and unwind with comforting affirmations and talk.

Always seek the advice of a medical doctor or a mental health professional if you experience a panic attack because this audio is only meant to provide comfort and support.

You're not alone if you experience anxious thoughts and I hope you feel my hug!

(Best listened to with earbuds, headphones)

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