It's Okay to Opt-Out of Mother's Day

Season 2 | Episode 14
7m | May 7, 2021

You're not the only who dreads or even hates Mother's Day. If Mother's Day is difficult day this episode is for you.

We are bombarded with commercials and advertisements in a hundred different ways about gift ideas for the sentimental mom, first time mom, active mom, busy mom, the homebody mom, what to get for the mom who has everything because it’s supposed to be the time of year to show how much you love and appreciate your mom and if you are a mom it’s supposed to be a time when you feel appreciated for everything you do. 

So many of these messages can feel insensitive to our struggles, to our lack of closure to the uncertainty to the ways we cope with mothers day. For many it's a painful, triggering, re-traumatizing day.

My hope is to bring awareness and normalize opting-out. If Mother's Day is a dreaded day for you, honor your feelings and know that it's okay to protect your boundaries and put yourself first. You are not alone.

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