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Dreamology | Turn Dreams to Reality

Gen Z dream chasers and entrepreneurs (you and me!) are being failed by the current education system.

This podcast was created to teach us the subject school doesn’t teach: Dreamology.

Dreamology is the study of how to make your dreams a reality. No B.S. No subjects that don’t matter to you. Just you and your dreams, goals, and happiness.

Guests include Bestselling Authors, Entrepreneurs, Health and Wellness experts, and world class dream chasers around the world. Topics include mindset, mental health, happiness, high performance habits, health and wellness, purpose, and more.

Every episode will give you a new mindset, tool, or strategy for making daily progress towards your dreams. I want to help build you into the person you need to be to achieve the dreams you want to achieve.

My name is Timmy "The Dreamer" Bishop. I’m a 23 year old Gen Z entrepreneur, an obsessive dream chaser, and student of life who is on a mission to live a the life of my dreams and, if I'm lucky, help others do the same along the way.

I committed to a lifetime contract with my dreams. And now I'm committing to you. To sharing my stories, lessons learned, authentic experiences, conversations had, and more to do everything I can to share what I learn.

Now I want you to commit. Commit to joining me on the road less traveled! Be one of the few who has the courage to do what they actually want to do with their life, to reach their full potential, and to make life one crazy adventure.

Keep dreaming.

Episodes released every Monday!


47. Season 1 Finale
Show Details33min 53s
46. Meditation 101
Show Details48min 8s
45. Case Kenny | Single is Your Superpower, Mindfulness, Minimize Regret
Show Details50min 42s
44. Izzy Lugo iii | How to Be Strange on Purpose
Show Details1hr 5min
43. Caleb Dykema | 5 Simple Steps to Starting a Business
Show Details56min 57s
41. Follow Your Heart
Show Details20min 29s
42. Evan Carmichael | How to Follow Your Own Path, Creating Self-Belief, Beating Gary V
Show Details40min 54s
40. My Story to Now - What I've learned from my own life story
Show Details54min 32s
39. Anthony Trucks | Foster Kid to NFL, Transforming Your Identity, Embracing Hardships
Show Details1hr 2min
38. 4 Simple Steps to Finding Purpose
Show Details16min 13s
37. David Meltzer | Finding Happiness Before Success, How to Make Money, Reaching Your Full Potential
Show Details25min 37s
35. Dr. Robb Kelly | Millionaire to Homeless, Neural plasticity, Working With Robert Downey Jr., and the Science of Success
Show Details56min 52s
36. Transform Your Mind in 30 Days
Show Details11min 16s
34. Obstacle is The Way by Ryan Holiday (BONUS: 7 ways to grow during COVID)
Show Details28min 44s
32. Kalina Silverman | How to Skip the Small Talk and Connect with Anyone
Show Details42min 5s
33. How to Overcome Fear and Gain Confidence
Show Details22min 31s
31. PJ Hill | Never Stop Fighting For Your Dreams
Show Details1hr 9min
30. Alan Lazaros and Kevin Palmieri | Being Hyperconscious
Show Details1hr 2min
29. Michael Dauphinee | Navigating the Unknown
Show Details57min 16s
28. 5 Tips for Eliminating Comparison
Show Details14min 52s
27. Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown
Show Details29min 49s
26. 7 Steps for Conscious Change
Show Details23min 24s
25. Jordan Paris | What School Didn't Teach Us
Show Details56min 28s
24. Alex French | What Am I Capable Of
Show Details58min 52s
25. 4 Brain Boosting Skills
Show Details23min 53s
24. The 8 Happiness Habits
Show Details27min 15s
23. Dylan Ali | Love Over Fear
Show Details1hr 17min
22. Jordan Ross | High Performance Hacks
Show Details46min 41s
21. Andrew Metz | Be Your Own Hero
Show Details53min 39s
20. Jay Abbasi | Mindfulness and Self-Observation
Show Details56min 16s
19. Dr. Erik Reis | Neuroscience in Action
Show Details1hr 4min
18. Pauly Long | Cultivating Your Mindset
Show Details1hr 36min
17. Amanda Beilke | The Guiding Force of Life
Show Details38min 32s
16. Valeyne Grotrian | Shatter Limiting Beliefs
Show Details55min 36s
15. Tim Truong | Founder of Soulfu
Show Details37min 30s
14. Sarah Young | Work Life Alignment
Show Details50min 5s
13. Ed Kressy | 11 Years as a Meth Addict
Show Details48min 54s
12. Taylor Lippman | Life After College
Show Details57min 22s
11. Cauvee | Shaping Your Identity
Show Details53min 27s
10. Mark Metry | Top 2 Barriers to Growth
Show Details53min 42s
9. Andi Dickmeyer | Adventure Therapy
Show Details1hr 4min
8. Liv Schreiber | Turn Anxiety into Action
Show Details52min 5s
7. Armando Cruz | How to Leave a Legacy
Show Details59min 49s
6. Antonio Sundquist | Rebranding Mental Health
Show Details1hr 19min
5. Daniel Okon | Racism in Minnesota
Show Details1hr 20min
4. Andy Nelson | Gifts of Cancer
Show Details1hr 3min
3. Rakim Anim | How to be Antiracist
Show Details1hr 26min
2. Jess Lipman | Deconstructing the Self
Show Details1hr 2min
1. Brandon Poliszuk | The Secret is Longevity
Show Details1hr 1min
Dreamology Podcast Introduction
Show Details5min 29s