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The Trading Monk Podcast

This podcast will teach you about the importance of "psychology" and how to perform during "market hours."

As if I am sitting next to you, you will feel as though I am guiding you through the peaks and valleys of the market.

Make sure you're Plugged-In with your Headphones.

𝐖𝐡𝐨 𝐚𝐦 𝐈?

I am Sagar Solanki, a full-time professional trader, fund manager, and financial analyst.

I enjoy imparting the wisdom I've gained over the last five or more years.

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Market View 08 June 2022
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Market View 07 June 2022
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We are back (Market View 06 june 2022)
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Market View 11 April 2022
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Market View 08 April 2022
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Market View 07 April 2022
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Market View 06 April 2022
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Market View 30 March 2022
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Market View 29 March 2022
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Market View 13 JAN 2022
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Stock Market Money Story
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Global Market View For 28 DEC 2021
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Market View 21 DEC 2021
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Market View 20 DEC
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Market View 10 DEC 2021
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Market View 09 DEC 2021
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Market View 07 DEC 2021
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Market View 06 DEC 2021
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Market View 02 DEC 2021
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Market View 30 Nov 2021
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Market View 29 Nov
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Market View 25 Nov 2021
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Market View 24 Nov
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Market View 23 Nov 2021
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Market View 18 Nov 2021
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Market View 17 Nov 2021
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Market View 16 Nov 2021
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Market View 12 Nov 2021
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The Trading Monk Podcast:- Market View 11 Nov 2021 by Sagar Solanki :)
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Market View 10 Nov 2021
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Market View 09 Nov 2021
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Market view 29 Oct 2021 by Sagar Solanki
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The Trading Monk Podcast:- Market view 27 Oct 2021 by Sagar Solanki :)
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Market View 26 oct 2021
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The Trading Monk Podcast:- Market view 18 Oct 2021 by Sagar Solanki :)
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Market view 14 Oct 2021 by Sagar Solanki
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The Trading Monk :- Market View 13 oct 2021
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Market View 11 Oct 2021
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Market View 08 oct 2021
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Market View 07 oct 2021
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Loss (failure in stock market)
Show Details9min 24s