14. The Lost Captain

Season 1 | Episode 14
52m | Jul 2, 2021

WLL takes the time to introduce the rest of the Disciples to his old friend, Captain Valthan. Afterward, he escorts him back to the room, only then discovering the true horror of what he had been through. He witnessed the captain’s lack of eyes and said nothing, only making plans to meet him the next morning to join his tactics class. Then he goes to visit Iromae to see what she knows of what happened to the Captain. She recognizes the description as that of what happens to the highest priority political prisoners. The ones that are never seen again, that are exposed to the king’s ilithid. 

Meanwhile, Ikki continues working on the project he has been working on since the start of the campaign. He enlists the help of WLL to carve in the final runes and the party gathers to watch the project reach completion. It is an awe-inspiring thing followed up by the beginning of plans to armor Magdar’s hornets.

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Disciples of the Eight