7. Words From the Eight

Season 1 | Episode 7
43m | Mar 26, 2021

Jinnabon's unexpected appearance receives a warm reception from the party. The news he brings, though, is less well-received. The king knows that someone has been stealing his power sources, so he has withdrawn his power. Our hunting for the star stones has reached its end. He also knows that we are alive, though he does not know it is us who stole the two stones. Also, Asmodeus has sent his daughter to rectify our continued existence.

Before he has to leave he tells us to seek out a strange man with golden eyes that no one can quite seem to remember and to ask him about the next key. The wizards are shocked afterward to hear there was a god in their halls. Iromae is pulled aside for a brief conversation to make sure that her story matches up with what they expect and she is surprised to learn that they more or less know exactly who she was, though they never directly say it.

The Disciples all return to their quarters in their own time for some rest before a day of preparation for their trek into the frozen north.

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Disciples of the Eight