15. Flights of Fancy

Season 1 | Episode 15
52m | Jul 16, 2021

With the new shield completed, WLL and Vikros test out its new capabilities while Ikki and Magdar begin making plans for the hornet armor. They don’t get very far before everyone turns in for the night. 

The following morning everyone is surprised to find the dragons have entered the tower without permission, causing quite the stir. Segrin is quickly banished while Hildreth runs off to go and find Magdar. The king has discovered the location of their benefactor so the party needs to leave quickly if they are to meet her. So they all gather their things and set off on dragon back, causing even more of a fuss. They fly for a few hours, avoiding detection by the king’s ships, before finally arriving at the island chain. There the party is dropped off while the dragons go to deal with the king’s ships. Soon they find themselves face to face with the woman who started this all. 

ound effects by: Zapsplat

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