5. Hope's Fall

Season 1 | Episode 5
1h 0m | Feb 26, 2021

After successfully passing the test of intention, the Disciples are allowed to enter the city of Hope's Fall. Barnabas Spectacle guides them in and invites them to stay with him in the impossible and obnoxiously colorful wizard's tower in the heart of the city. The party gets a brief tour of the city before they discover the series of odd creatures the Spectacles have created. There is a brief detour as Magdar attempts to ride a frog before they are passed off to Dary, his daughter in law, who gives the party a tour of the tower and shows them to their rooms.

The tour is almost sensory overload with how nonsensical this tower is, but the most baffling for our warriors is the sheer amount of bureaucracy they have to work through to fight in the Collesium.

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Disciples of the Eight