12. Fight Club

Season 1 | Episode 12
52m | Jun 4, 2021

After witnessing the naval battles, the captain of the guard indicates to Iromae that he will meet with them later, so they have some time to kill. Ikki and Artemis return to the tower to return to their experiments while the rest of the party goes in search of a drink.

They check out a few different locations before Vikros remembers seeing a sign for the Falling Dragon. Seeing a sign outside of the window that says ‘pugilists wanted’ seals the deal for Wall, Vikros, and Magdar. The party files in and meets one of the owners and the head of the pugilist ring, Maximus, former military trainer for the rebellion. If they can beat him, they can be a part of the ring. They chose their weapons and set to the fight while the rest of the party stands back to enjoy the show. 

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Disciples of the Eight