11. Let the Games Begin

Season 1 | Episode 11
1h 1m | May 21, 2021

Magdar wraps up his initial negotiations with the stable owner after getting a chance to properly ride one of the battle toads. While the party was watching the shenanigans, Hildreth and Segrin came to find them in hopes to continue their conversation from the previous night. There is some back and forth before it is decided that they will all be joining Mike and Tim in their suite at the Colosseum. This way they are guaranteed some privacy and the boys can watch the games. 

The party tells the dragons that they have decided they will pursue whatever chance they have at saving the world. Iromae also asks if they know anything about who hired them. It turns out the king has a rival, an antithesis. And she is currently hiding out in a nearby island chain. So the party decides they will go and meet her while Mike and Tim deal with a nearby shaman who seems to have found a star stone.

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Disciples of the Eight