1. The Calm After the Storm

Season 1 | Episode 1
42m | Jan 1, 2021

After a violent spat with some members of the Cult of Asmodeus who the Disciples thoroughly pissed off back in Reaper's Gallows, the party takes some time to rest while the crew tends to the ship. Iromae is able to help patch up the few injuries while Wall, Vikros, and Magdar assist in the repairs.

Meanwhile, Wall is reeling with anger after seeing the man who cost him everything. He is even angrier at the fact the man got away, but there was nothing the party could do.

So they press onward, following the pull of the amulet to find the next piece of the star before the military discovers their presence on the sea. The sooner they reach the safety of the rebel city, the better.

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Disciples of the Eight