17. Discover the Imaginarium

Season 1 | Episode 17
52m | Nov 8, 2021

New gifts in hand, the Disciples eagerly look to the next wonderful thing. The queen invites them into the Imaginarium, the magical place where they do most of their training. Once plugged in, the Disciples appear as their ideal selves, which is a strange experience for some of them. 

In the Imaginarium, Iromae and WLL find they can access the information the rebellion has on them. They use that to try and find some of the answers they seek but to no avail. 

Before they can get too caught up in the strangeness of this place, the queen reminds them why they are there. The Disciples have been through a lot since this whole thing began. Now it is time for them to show what they have learned. To prove their strength to the one who started this all. 

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Disciples of the Eight