13. Unexpected Meetings

Season 1 | Episode 13
1h 2m | Jun 18, 2021

WLL, Vikros, and Magdar are successful in joining the pugilists' ring at the Falling Dragon. Maximus explains the rules of the ring to them as they sign their names on the roster, before heading downstairs to make sure Bart Enderman didn’t do anything stupid while he was away. Then the party settles down for a free drink and a rest before their next meeting. 

The captain of the guard shows up just as they were preparing to leave to find him. They talk shop for a time before he finally explains his real reason for wanting to meet with them. One of the were-rats they fought is a particularly nasty criminal who is the leader of the were-creatures and loyal to the king. He has escaped capture by hiding in the old mining tunnels beneath the city and the captain needs their help to track him down. Because if the were-rat escapes the city, he will be able to tell the king exactly where the Disciples are. 

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Disciples of the Eight