4. A Rebel Welcome

1h 10m | Feb 12, 2021

The star stone has been successfully retrieved, so the Golden Harpy continues on its merry way to the rebel city. There is healing, drinking, and small amounts of revelry as our DM kept losing his connection, leaving room for some side conversations and a few orders of shark nuggets. The city of Hope’s Fall looms in the distance but the party’s intentions must be tested first. One Barnabas Spectacle is sent to investigate when the scrying spell does not work on one of the party members and so he has to pull Iromae aside to discern her intentions when it comes to entering the city. She speaks the truth and they are allowed to continue. The Spectacles are an odd family of wizards, obsessed with experimentation, and the party has been invited to stay in their tower. It should be an interesting stay indeed. 

Sound effects by: Zapsplat

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Disciples of the Eight