"Locally Sourced Lion"

43m | Feb 2, 2024

Czabe takes the gap-week before the Super Bowl to cut-it-up with his former First Team on Fox mates SCOTT LINN and STEVE SOLOMON about the possibility of ever having live lions outside of cages near people again. Also...

00:00 Introduction and Discussion about Riverside FM

03:00 The Dislike for Paying for New Platforms

06:00 The Dull Sports Weekend

09:00 The Pro Bowl and NHL All-Star Game

13:00 Tethering Dogs and Animals in Sports

18:00 The Return of the Budweiser Clydesdales

26:00 20th Anniversary of Nipplegate

30:00 Foul Discrepancy in Purdue-Northwestern Game

31:32 Unfair Foul Calls in College Basketball

32:08 Fantasy Leagues and Disinterest in Basketball

33:06 Player Eligibility and Injuries in the NBA

34:39 Frozen Chiefs Fans

35:43 Retirement of Dr. James Andrews

42:08 Closing Remarks

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