116. Road to a New Construction Home

26m | Jun 20, 2023

Road to a New Construction Home | EmpowerYou Financial Podcast [Episode 116]

Welcome back to the podcast! On the last episode, Eva talked about everything homeownership — How to get started, what to do and consider once you're there, whether it’s a good idea or not to buy a home in today’s market, discussing where you'd want to live, how to furnish your home, how to navigate mortgage loans, how to sell if you decide to... EVERYTHING!

Today, Eva continues the conversation about homeownership and, on this episode, she talks about her experiences and why she loves being involved with new construction homes! Let's discuss incentives that builders and lenders can give, all the way to the moves and decisions you should be making when you're at your... say... 50th property?!

Lots of bite sized information here. As always, bring your notepads and pens, learn a lil something, and drop your questions in the comments or join Eva's community!


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