Episode 3: Finding Purpose for the Passion

Season 1 | Episode 3
30m | Dec 7, 2021

For Corey, the lockdown was not productive at all. In fact, the usually fit cameraman found himself getting lost in the social media wormholes and stuffing himself with bad food. One day, after scrolling through videos on Instagram, he found some CrossFit videos that seemed doable from home. Corey quickly invented ways to do the workouts while also observing how some of the CrossFit workouts and routines created great poses for photos and amazing videos. Soon, the cameraman found himself immersed in a world where few Black artists venture, yet there was so much to capture. His work with visual arts now serves as a way to document and inform while also keeping his own body fit and healthy.

Corey found a new space to ply his craft, one that is in dire need of Black creator influence. His story is one that can help creators who are still trying to find their way after lockdown decimated connections to their craft. Listen in as we discuss this in more detail on the 'Creators in COVID podcast. Episode 2: Finding A New Purpose for the Passion'.

Join host Jonita Davis in this second episode of Creators in COVID, sponsored by Vero social media app. Edited by Bryan Archilla.

The episode is available Monday, December 6, 2021, exclusively on the Vero social app. It goes live everywhere else Tuesday, December 7, 2021.

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Creators in COVID