Episode 6: Knowing the Role of Art

Season 1 | Episode 6
59m | Dec 28, 2021

Science fiction has a way of reconciling a chaotic present with an uncertain future. But what happens when the sci-fi writer creates something that happens to tell the future? Liam Quane did this with his book Road to Juneau.

Road to Juneau is a super-powered family as they feud with a cosmic god in order to stop World War 3 from happening. The book is published by Beaten Track Publishing. Liam’s story of gods and superheroes has distinct elements of the sociopolitical atmosphere the world experienced during COVID lockdown in Spring 2020. The part I couldn’t believe is that Road to Juneau was written in 2019 before the world became acquainted with the coronavirus.


Join us as we dive into the complex role of a storyteller in times of turmoil in our world. There we will answer questions like is the creator the person in charge of translating world events into digestible art, or does our art simply reflect back to us the events of the world. Let’s discuss the book, sci-fi, and more on Creators in Covid Episode 5: Knowing the Role of Art.

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