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Humanizing Mental Health

Treat the patient... not the illness.

You can only ever hit the target you are aiming at. Society’s mental health “target” has been mental illness. Unfortunately that target is getting bigger and bigger as more people experience mental illness. 

We believe it is time to change the target. It is time we humanize mental health. It is time we bring new understanding that a disease focus will only bring more disease.

It is time to focus our target on wellness.


S01E08 - From the Inside: A Therapist’s Experience with the Mental Health System
Show Details1hr 20min
S01E07 - Finding Meaning in Loss
Show Details57min 6s
S01E06 - Phone Addiction
Show Details58min 15s
S01E05 - "The Tribe"
Show Details55min 21s
S01E04 - Intergenerational Trauma
Show Details57min 57s
S01E02 - Humans Behind the Mic - Part 1 - Trent's Story
Show Details1hr 5min
S01E03 - Humans Behind the Mic - Part 2 - Jeremy's Story
Show Details1hr 1min
S01E01 - Humanizing Mental Health (Pilot Episode)
Show Details35min 55s