The Third Letter of John

2m | Mar 23, 2022

The third epistle of John is the third of John's epistles in the New Testament. It is the second shortest book in the entire Christian Bible, after the second of John.

The letter appears addressed to a man named Gaius (or Gaius) but it is not known exactly if it is the same person who lived in Macedonia and who is quoted in Acts 19:29 or the Corinthian mentioned in Romans 16:23 or the one who lived in Derbe, quoted in Acts 20:4.

It was written for the purpose of commending Gaius to a group of Christians led by Demetrius, who were strangers in the place where he lived and who had the mission to preach the gospel 3John 7. They had been refused hospitality by a local Christian chieftain, Diotrephes.

(From Italian Wikipedia)

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