Ep 6: Today's Pandemic of Father Wounds in the Home

54m | Sep 30, 2022

Join Jeff Kemp, Ken McClenton and Bob Reccord along with our host Michael Conat as they discuss some reasons why we have so many father wounds?

The Urbanization of America:

Taking dads from the farm fields where they used to work regularly/daily with their kids to urban settings that increasingly took dads away, from early morning until evening which enhanced, often unintentionally, disengagement.

The Great Society and its debilitating impact on the family, especially of urban minorities, where it became economically beneficial to NOT be married than it was to be a single parent.

A large number of dads who experienced tragic encounters in combat theaters such as Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, etc. Many returned having been impacted by PTSD, loss of limbs, etc. thus often leading to a withdrawal emotionally.

The lack of models growing up from which "future dads" could learn how to father by watching examples. Without question, kids learn more by what they observe and see modeled than by simply what they are told.


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