Ep 7: Fatherhood: A Role or a Calling?

1h 16m | Sep 30, 2022

Jeff Kemp, Bob Reccord, Ken McClenton and host Michael Conat talk about how fatherhood is not just a role. Fatherhood is a calling.

We all see it as an obvious "role" but rarely do we hear it addressed as a calling. What does that mean? What difference does it make? What impact can it have?

In both the Role and Calling of being a dad, kids need us to reflect for them, what our Heavenly Father is of us...

A Provider/Protector

A Nurturer

A Boundry Maker


While these are not the only aspects needed in a father, they are centrally essential.

The Vertical Solution:

Solidifying our vertical relationship with our Heavenly Father to empower our horizontal relationships with our kids.


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