Ep 5: Are You Impacted By Father Wounds? How Do You Know?

33m | Sep 2, 2022

Our host Michael Conat talks with Bob Reccord and Dr. Rick Fowler Ph.D.

Dr. Rick Fowler - a licensed Christian counselor with over 35,000 hours of counseling, & Grad. Professor of Christian Counseling, and Contributor to Ending The Cycle of Father Wounds, joins Bob Reccord in dealing with....

  1. How can you know whether or not you may have been impacted by Father Wounds?
  2. Is recovery from relational wounds a choice we have to intentionally make?
  3. Is it worth choosing to strive to recover from relational wounds?
  4. What are some things that can keep us from making that choice?
  5. When we make the choice to make the effort to heal from our wounds, what are some helpful steps in getting started on the right path?
  6. Why is it important to understand some of the back story of your dad's life?
  7. If I don't know how to even begin in talking with my dad/stepdad/adopted dad about past wounds, how can I get started in a positive way?


Bob Reccord:

Dr. Rick Fowler: The Stages of Changes

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