BlackRage | RedCircle


An all-inclusive examination of the underlying currents that is the determining factor for the culturality of all humankind and a deeper dive into the uniqueness of the most tribally diverse cultures of the earth and using the Black Race as the Poster-Child of understanding cultures in general. We are privileged in these times to be alive in the most productive and self maximizing generation of all times coupled with the limitless opportunities that globalization brings also. What should be an age where some of the most ethnically enriched people of the earth could advantageously capitalize on their physiological positioning to empower themselves into limelight but rather is being ignited by that same exposure unto being enraged by the complexities of what this age brings.

Black-Rage is a weekly podcast designated to create self and community discovery for what seems to be a calculated attempt to Invert the Human Race and more-so a specific Race of People Into The Rage of The Age. This podcast is for everyone who desires to grow in the source knowledge of comprehending the underlying truth of the Totality of The Culturality of Humanity.