The Skyy John Show

This is the Skyy John Show, a podcast that puts hard questions against strong opinions. I’m your host, Skyy John, and each episode I’ll have an expert guest tell me their strong opinions, from impending AI takeovers to anti-vaxxers, and make them defend their case in front of three opposing opinions. At the end of the episode, I’ll let you know if I’m convinced! Let the conflict begin!


How to have better sex w/ a Sex Educator and Erotic Blueprint Coach | The Skyy John Show
Show Details1hr 10min
We Need to Become Martians w/ a Mars Architect | The Skyy John Show
Show Details53min 8s
Will the Coronavirus Lead to a Recession? w/ Economist Manuel Pastor | The Skyy John Show
Show Details1hr 33min
Sustainable Buildings to Save the World w/ A Green Architect | The Skyy John Show
Show Details56min 55s
Coronavirus: What the F*ck Should We Do? w/ A Public Health Coordinator | The Skyy John Show
Show Details1hr 11min
The Life of a Digital Nomad w/ Jinny Oh
Show Details1hr 13min
How Facial Recognition Can Track & Kill You w/ Shaun Moore
Show Details52min 21s
“We’re F*cked.”: Talking Climate Change w/ NASA scientist Josh Fisher | The Skyy John Show
Show Details45min 34s
How Millennials Can Make Money in Real Estate w/ Tony Giordano
Show Details59min 4s
Robot Bartenders are Taking Jobs! w/ Andrew Yang
Show Details27min 44s
The Skyy John Show Trailer
Show Details33s