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Full Ep: Alex Bozmoski DEPLOY VP of Programs 10 26 21
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Clip: Steven Nesbit shares how the nuclear waste process works 10 22 21
Show Details1min 14s
Clip: Steven Nesbit explains advanced small modular reactors 10 22 21
Show Details1min 46s
Clip: Steven Nesbit on some of the myths and misconceptions around nuclear energy safety 10 22 21
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Full Ep: Steven Nesbit American Nuclear Society 10 19 21
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Clip; Nornberg on plan to share and grow High Schoolers for Carbon Dividends 10 15 21
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Clip: Roey Nornberg on formation of High Schoolers for Carbon Dividends across all 50 states 10 15 21
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Clip: Katherine Mezzalingua on co-founding High Schoolers for Carbon Dividends 10 15 21
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Full Ep: Katherine Mezzalingua & Roey Nornberg 10 12 21
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Clip: Todd Whitman best policy proposal at federal level to address climate change. 10-6 21
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Clip: Todd Whitman shares her thoughts on nuclear power 10 6 21
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Clip: Christine Todd Whitman on Hurricane impacts on Jersey shore 10 6 21
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Full Ep: Former Governor Christine Todd Whitman (R-NJ) 10 5 21
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Clip: Rob Sisson possible meaningful climate policy passages? 10 5 21
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Clip: Rob Sisson on "EcoRight" term 10 5 21
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Clip: Rob Sisson climate change affecting Lake Michigan 10 5 21
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Full Ep: Rob Sisson from International Joint Commission 9 28 21
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Clip: Linenschmidt on finding commonality among people is important when addressing climate change 9 22 21
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Clip: Linenschmidt explains how as a Christian his views shifted on climate change 9 22 21
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Clip: Larry Linenschmidt on his Hill Country Institute 9 22 21
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Full Ep: Larry Linenschmidt- Hill Country Institute 9 21 21
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Clip: Huey on importance of Congressman John Curtis' House Conservative Climate Caucus 9 15 21
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Clip: Huey on his "air freshener campaign" 9 15 21
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Clip: Nick Huey on climate friendly "Red State" 9 15 21
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Full Ep: Nick Huey Utah native and Terratect founder 9 14 21
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Clip: Fleming shares why it matters how you communicate and talk climate change /clean energy 9 1 21
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Clip: Fleming details clean energy initiatives 9 1 21
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Clip: Mark Fleming on how/why he started Conservatives for Clean Energy 9 1 21
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Full Ep: Mark Fleming Conservatives for Clean Energy CEO 8 31 21
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Clip: Webb explains Houghton College students' attitudes toward climate change shift 8 26 21
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Clip: Webb on his students asking for advice on parents climate change views 8 26 21
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Clip: Brian Webb on faith connects with climate change 8 26 21
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Full Ep: Dr. Brian Webb- Houghton College environmental studies professor 8 24 21
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Full Ep: Charles Hernick Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions 8 17 21
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Clip: olbert cites a study o Congress' voting record strongly follows interest of donors 8 13 21
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Clip: Tolbert on his bipartisan organization 8 13 21
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Clip: Jim Tolbert Jim Tolbert on supporting Members of Congress who are working to pass meaningful climate legislation 8 13 21
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Full Ep: Jim Tolbert, Americans for Action on Climate Fund 8 10 21
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Clip: Bart Hansen explains how wildfires affect the grapes for winemaking 8 5 21
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Clip: Bart Hansen on droughts affecting water resource strategy 8 5 21
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Clip: Bart Hansen on weather/climate and winemaking in Sonoma Valley 8 5 21
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Full Ep: Bart Hansen- Dane Cellars winemaker 8 3 21
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Clip: Andrew Holland on role Department of Energy and ARPA-E play in today's fusion technology.
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Clip: Andrew Holland on the barriers to market entry for nuclear fusion? 7 29 21
Show Details1min 16s
Clip: Andrew Holland on difference between nuclear energy and fusion 7 29 21
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Full Ep: Andrew Holland CEO Fusion Industry Association 7 27 21
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Clip: Whitman Stitt on agricultural carbon sequestration. 7 21 21
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Clip: Whitman Stitt -younger generation of farmers fueling overall climate awareness.? 7-21-21
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Clip: Cori Wittman Stitt on farmers and ag. industry shift on climate awareness 7 21 21 in
Show Details1min 22s
Full Ep: Cori Wittman Stitt, Wittman Farms 7 20 21
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Clip: Tracey Holloway from Best of Season Two 6 24 21
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Clip: Jessica Moerman from "Best of Season Two" 6 24 21
Show Details3min 28s
Clip: Luke Orlando from Best of Season Two 6 24 21
Show Details1min 41s
Full Ep: Best of Season Two 6 22 21
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Clip: Catrina Rorke shares surprising data on Carbon Pricing
Show Details1min 14s
Clip: Catrina Rorke explains promising recent CLC case study
Show Details2min 11s
Clip: Catrina Rorke on crafting Bob Inglis 2009' Raise Wages Cut Carbon Act
Show Details1min 50s
Full Ep: Catrina Rorke Climate Leadership Council 6 15 21
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Clip: Gemelas shares why Indiana Senator Mike Braun could be pivotal
Show Details1min 1s
Clip: Gemelas on leaders on "common sense solutions"
Show Details1min 39s
Clip: George Gemelas explains why bipartisanship is important
Show Details1min 34s
Full Ep: George Gemelas, Students For Carbon Dividends' 6 8 21
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Clip: Kelly on productive government on climate issues 5 26 21
Show Details1min 18s
Clip: Kelly describes where climate and clean energy opportunities are. 5 26 21
Show Details1min 38s
Clip: Anne Kelly on working with businesses on climate change 5 26 21
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Full Ep: Anne Kelly Ceres Vice President 5 25 21
Show Details30min 7s
Clip: Thau's advice on trying to convince others of need to act on climate change 5 19 21
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Clip: Rich Thau explains message testing 5 19 21
Show Details1min 51s
Clip: Pollster Rich Thau on long-term Swing Voter Project 5 19 21
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Full Ep: Rich Thau pollster/public opinion strategist 5 18 21
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Clip: Cook explains how arguments around climate misinformation have shifted 5 12 21
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Clip: James Cook on family "argument" with father-in-law spurred the creation of website 5 12 21
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Full Ep: John Cook Skeptical Science founder/creator 5 11 21
Show Details28min 34s
Clip: Alexis Pascaris shares what issues are within agriculture community to agrovoltaics.
Show Details1min 21s
Clip: MTU graduate student/researcher Alexis Pascaris explains her research in agrivoltaics
Show Details1min 7s
Clip: University Chicago professor Dorian Abbot on "flipped classroom model"
Show Details2min 18s
Full Ep: Professor Dorian Abbot and graduate student Alexis Pascaris 5 4 21
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Full Ep: Tia Nelson- Climate activist/environmentalist 4 27 21
Show Details41min 17s
Clip: Barker explains Snake River Dam removal plan 4 20 21 21
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Clip: Barker on polarization on environmental issues 4 20 21
Show Details2min 20s
Clip: Rocky Barker explains his start of covering the environment 4 20 21
Show Details1min 35s
Full Ep: Rocky Barker-Idaho environmental journalist 4 20 21
Show Details43min 43s
Clip: Holloway on re-building public faith in science with Covid 19 vaccines 4 13
Show Details1min 56s
Clip: Holloway on breaking down climate for other moms 4 13
Show Details1min 42s
Clip: Tracey Holloway on being science mom & why climate work is personal 4 13
Show Details1min 35s
Full Ep: Tracey Holloway atmospheric scientist 4 13 21
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Clip: Gage cost difference in natrual gas vs. fuel
Show Details1min 24s
Clip: Gage on growing number of natural gas fleets
Show Details1min 2s
Clip: Daniel Gage on natural gas fueled vehicles filling up
Show Details2min 13s
Full Ep: Daniel Gage Natural Gas Vehicles America president 3 23 21
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Clip: Moerman on how conservative and Christian values are completely compatible with environmental stewardship.
Show Details1min 16s
Clip: Moerman on why caring about environment is generational
Show Details1min 16s
Clip: Dr. Jessica Moerman on connecting Christianity to environmental stewardship
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Full Ep: Dr. Jessica Moerman of Evangelical Environmental Network 3 16 21
Show Details35min 32s
Clip: Brainard on GOP history of leading on environment issues
Show Details2min 13s
Clip: Brainard discusses his "round about" roads effectiveness
Show Details1min 58s
Clip: Jim Brainard on non-partisan mayors in Indiana helping
Show Details1min 50s
Full Ep: Jim Brainard Carmel, IN Mayor 3 9 21
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Clip: Rhodes on changes that Texas needs to make to not to repeat
Show Details1min 41s
Clip: Rhodes detailed the difficult and lengthy process it takes to get power back up
Show Details1min 20s
Clip: Joshua Rhodes explained how Texas power infrastructure failed in extreme winter weather
Show Details1min 36s
Full Ep: Dr. Joshua Rhodes Texas energy expert 3 2 21
Show Details28min 59s
Clip: Bob Perciasepe on big difference that would help company to act on climate
Show Details1min 39s
Clip: Bob explains one of the biggest differences he's noticed in business community
Show Details1min 44s
Clip: Bob Perciasepe on getting more and more businesses involved
Show Details1min 53s
Full Ep: Bob Perciasepe Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
Show Details52min 8s
Clip: Kirchhoff on basic seal-level rise and warmer waters off the coast of Florida
Show Details2min 6s
Clip: Kirchhoff explains effect of climate change on her marine bait and aquaculture business in Florida.
Show Details1min 43s
Clip: Nicole Kirchhoff explains how she went from marine biology to starting a small business
Show Details1min 25s
Clip: Hirschmann on the perception of working in the oil and gas industry
Show Details1min 48s
Clip: Hirschmann explains the move from coal to liquified natural gas
Show Details1min 20s
Clip: Casey Hirschmann on the safety of hydraulic fracturing
Show Details1min 3s
Full Ep: New republicEn spokespersons Casey Hirschmann and Nicole Kirchhoff 2 16 21
Show Details43min 45s
Clip: Lowe detailing how young people can re-engage older folks regarding environmental stewardship
Show Details1min 24s
Clip: Lowe explains why faith gives perfect starting place to help solve environmental challenges?
Show Details2min 30s
Clip: Lowe on connecting his faith with outdoors and climate change?
Show Details1min 47s
Full Ep: Ben Lowe, A Rocha USA board chair and current UF doctoral student
Show Details33min 14s
Clip: Bauman on newest venture- addressing climate change from electricity standpoint.
Show Details1min 53s
Clip: Why is carbon pricing optimal way to reduce carbon emissions?
Show Details1min 27s
Clip: Bauman on getting revenue-neutral carbon tax on Washington state ballot 2018
Show Details1min 21s
Full Ep: Stand-up economist Yoram Bauman 2 2 21
Show Details30min 58s
Clip: Ogle explains plan to change world in reaching middle and high school students
Show Details1min 23s
Clip: Ogle on engaging young people on pursuing opportunities/careers in green economy.
Show Details1min 12s
Clip: Martin Ogle on his "holistic approach" for green jobs
Show Details1min 6s
Full Ep: Entrepreneurial Earth founder Martin Ogle
Show Details29min 20s
Clip: Why did meteorologist Mike Nelson decide to co-author his book?
Show Details1min 48s
Clip: Mike Nelson explains viewer pushback when talking about climate on TV
Show Details2min 7s
Clip: Meteorologist Mike Nelson on difference between weather and climate
Show Details1min 21s
Full Ep: Denver meteorologist, author Mike Nelson
Show Details34min 13s
Clip: Luke Orlando on getting young Conservatives involved
Show Details1min 22s
Clip: Luke Orlando on making impact at local level
Show Details1min 21s
Clip: Orlando on impact of Climate Change he sees in Houston area
Show Details1min 1s
Full Ep: City of Pearland (TX) council member Luke Orlando
Show Details28min 35s
Clip: Neil Chatterjee on pushing market solutions over market subsidies.
Show Details1min 26s
Clip: FERC Commissioner Neil Chatterjee on successfully protecting the grid and electric side of things
Show Details1min 11s
Clip: Neil Chatterjee on challenges for workers in pandemic
Show Details1min 21s
Clip: Neil Chatterjee on "most significant agency you've never heard of"
Show Details1min 39s
Full Ep: U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner Neil Chatterjee
Show Details53min 33s
Clip: Senator Whitehouse on conservatives bringing others to table
Show Details2min
Clip: Senator Whitehouse explains why Republicans need outside help and support
Show Details1min 43s
Clip: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse on how to get bipartisan climate action
Show Details2min 3s
Full Ep: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) 12 8
Show Details50min 37s
Clip: Kerry Emanuel on rise in sea level impacting Tropical Storms and Hurricanes
Show Details1min 16s
Clip: Kerry Emanuel on Scientific community coming together
Show Details2min 11s
Clip: MIT's Kerry Emanuel on why "skepticism" is necessary
Show Details1min 37s
Clip: Kerry Emanuel on work of scientists to help end ongoing pandemic
Show Details1min 23s
Full Ep: MIT climate scientist Dr. Kerry Emanuel
Show Details39min 7s
Clip: New administration = passing meaningful bipartisan climate legislation?
Show Details1min 13s
Clip: Jerome Hewlett on what he hopes to bring to Citizens Climate Education
Show Details1min 47s
Full Ep: New Citizens Climate Education board member Jerome Hewlett
Show Details31min 47s
Clip: Alex Flint describes three fundamental drivers of why a carbon tax is the best and most efficient legislation
Show Details2min 10s
Clip: Alex Flint sees divided government as big opportunity for climate legislation.
Show Details2min 6s
Clip: Alex Flint explains the long history of bipartisanship of Senate Energy Committee
Show Details1min 21s
Full Ep: Alliance for Market Solutions' Alex Flint 11 10
Show Details37min 9s
Full Ep: Post-Election Day climate change rapid reaction 11 4
Show Details28min 35s
Full Ep: Congressman Francis Rooney (R-FL-19) 10 27 20
Show Details38min 56s
Clip: Congressman Francis Rooney explains climate science data and term limits would help
Show Details1min 12s
Clip: Congressman Francis Rooney stressing need for GOP to be more "aggressive"
Show Details1min 6s
Seg: Interesting "field trip" to South Carolina Botanical Gardens
Show Details11min 28s
Clip: Andrew Holland explains what "threat multiplier" is
Show Details1min 47s
Clip: Andrew Holland details what the American Security Project is
Show Details1min 26s
Full Ep: American Security Project's Andrew Holland 10 20
Show Details45min 48s
Clip: Jacob Abel and Ben Mutolo on whether they're a one-issue voter
Show Details1min 3s
Clip: Climatewire editor Evan Lehmann on Vice President Mike Pence's answer on climate change
Show Details1min 7s
Clip: words or phrases about climate change at VP debate that stood out?
Show Details1min 10s
Full Ep: Another climate change debate question? 10 13 20
Show Details39min 4s
Full Ep: Conservative climate rockstar Congressman John Curtis (R-UT)
Show Details39min 48s
Clip: Congressman John Curtis (R-UT) on methodical change is better
Show Details1min 17s
Clip: Congressman John Curtis (R-UT) helping conservatives take "baby" steps to engaging on climate?
Show Details2min 9s
Clip: Congressman John Curtis (R-UT) on standing for something in Climate debate
Show Details1min 9s
Full Ep: Citizen Climate Lobby's Jim Tolbert & Kelsey Grant
Show Details39min 30s
Clip: CCL Conservative Fellow Kelsey Grant on conservative inclusion
Show Details1min 21s
Clip: Jim Tolbert on CCL "Free Market" approach
Show Details1min 22s
Clip: CCL conservative outreach director Jim Tolbert on their mission
Show Details1min 36s
Full Ep: Former Congressman Ryan Costello (R-PA) 9 22 20
Show Details34min 21s
Clip: Former Congressman Ryan Costello (R-PA) on what year does Costello think a price will be put on carbon?
Show Details1min 9s
Clip: Former Congressman Ryan Costello (R-PA) case from policy perspective for tackling climate change.
Show Details1min 43s
Clip: Former Congressman Ryan Costello (R-PA) says Members should challenge their own party
Show Details1min 27s
Full Ep: South Carolina State Rep. Gary Clary (R-SC) 9 15 20
Show Details39min 20s
Clip: State Rep. Gary Clary (R-SC) on offshore drilling tipping point
Show Details1min 8s
Clip: State Rep. Gary Clary (R-SC) dealt with skepticism on arrival
Show Details1min 5s
Clip: State Rep. Gary Clary (R-SC)- we are all stewards of the Earth
Show Details1min 35s
Clip: Josh Siegel on Conservatives, Climate Change & Nov. elections
Show Details1min 59s
Clip: Washington Examiner's Josh Siegel on Conservatives stepping up
Show Details1min 7s
Clip: Holly Raschein (R-FL) on rising costs to Floridians due to Climate Change
Show Details1min 44s
Clip: Holly Raschein (R-FL) on Climate Change & real estate market
Show Details1min
Full Ep: State Rep. Holly Raschein (R-FL)/Washington Examiner's Josh Siegel
Show Details40min 32s
Full Ep: Former Presidential candidate/Ohio Governor John Kasich
Show Details43min 59s
Clip: Kasich on what "Covid 19 impact" taught us on Climate?
Show Details1min 35s
Clip: John Kasich on Stewardship of the environmental cause
Show Details1min 7s
Clip: John Kasich on "accountability" being key word
Show Details1min 22s
Cilp: John Kasich says bipartisan solution is only way
Show Details1min 21s
Full Ep: GMU climate change communication scientist Dr. Ed Maibach
Show Details49min 21s
Clip: Dr. Ed Maibach on polling for Climate Change and Covid 19
Show Details2min 1s
Clip: Dr. Ed Maibach on who's "silent majority" on cllimate change?
Show Details1min 58s
Clip: Dr. Ed Maibach explains "six Americas" and climate change
Show Details1min 37s
Full Ep: American Water Security Project's Kirk Mantay & Terry Gibson
Show Details44min 18s
Clip: Kirk Mantay says local issues ultimate lead to real solutions
Show Details1min 36s
Clip: Kirk Mantay on rainstorms, runoffs and climate change impact
Show Details1min 48s
Clip: Terry Gibson on climate change & wastewater infastructure
Show Details1min 18s
Full Ep: Climate stalwart/former U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL)
Show Details43min 7s
Clip: Former U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo on how financial & environmental debts are viewed
Show Details1min 29s
Clip: Former U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo on Market Choice Act
Show Details1min 36s
Clip: Former U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo on Republican stance shift
Show Details1min 11s
E8: Students for Carbon Dividends founder/president Alex
Show Details44min 4s
Clip: Kiera O'Brien on Young Conservatives for Carbon Dividends
Show Details1min 34s
Clip: Alex Posner discusses how Carbon dividends work
Show Details1min 7s
Clip: Alex Posner on historic student government statement
Show Details1min 35s
Full Ep: Ceres Federal Policy Manager Martha Newell-Kinsman
Show Details45min 36s
Clip: Martha Newell-Kinsman on pandemic actually helping and Ceres more productive
Show Details1min 17s
Clip: Martha Newell-Kinsman on working with both sides of aisle
Show Details1min 3s
Full Ep: E6: "Keep It Good" author Lindsay Linsky 7 21 20
Show Details47min 33s
Clip: Author Lindsay Linsky on what "Eco-hesitant" means
Show Details1min 32s
Clip: Lindsay Linksky on why she wanted to write book
Show Details1min 54s
Full Ep: Rainey Center Co-founder and CEO Sarah Hunt
Show Details49min 10s
(Clip) Sarah Hunt passionate about water scarcity in New Mexico
Show Details48s
Clip: Sarah Hunt is motivated by legacy, family
Show Details49s
(Full Ep) Conservative climate warrior John Sweeney 7 7 20
Show Details52min 35s
(Clip) John Sweeney on Climate Change "deniers" in NYC/NJ
Show Details1min 11s
Clip: John Sweeney on when became "Environmentally aware"
Show Details53s
Full Ep: Climate Campaign Founder Nick Huey 6 30 20
Show Details47min 58s
Clip: Nick Huey on why emotional before Congress?
Show Details1min 16s
Clip: High Schooler Lance Lawson's keys to talking to skeptics
Show Details2min 19s
Clip: Brian Anderson on son Lance using data/persuasion
Show Details1min 12s
Full Ep: Recent High School grad Lance Lawson 6 22 20
Show Details41min 57s
E1: Inaugural episode- Mary Anna Mancuso 6 15 20
Show Details39min 8s
Debut promo of EcoRight Speaks 6 8 20
Show Details57s